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Groom kissing bride on the forehead at Botanic Gardens Manurewa by a pond with greenery all around them. Bride is in a beautiful lavender coloured dress and she looks like she came straight out of a fairytale

Countryside Rendezvous

Run off for some alone time and go roaming the country fields with your newly wedded husband as the sun gently sets, soft speckles of light on your cheeks, a golden glow, ever so heavenly. Illuminating the sky like purple roses blooming in the summer evening or ending the evening with a fiery volcano showcase. Don't stress out about the curfew with the guests, I timed it so that you can make it back in time for the next lot of activities you have planned.

Bride and groom both look backwards down at the wedding dress train that is trailing behing her in the tall grassy plains
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Intimate Garden Weddings

Beautiful garlands and boho rustic vibes, the spring breeze brushes past the baby hairs on your face, your husband brushes your hair back and tucks it behind your ear as he goes in for a kiss. The smell of freshly mowed lawn, and cherry blossoms drifting down slowly to the rhythm of the violin. A place where it's serene and peaceful, far away from the bustling city honks and industrial roads. At this very moment, you are surrounded by only the tear-jerking sniffles from your closest family and friends, and the sparrows that perch on top of the white draped branches, singing their blessings as prayers are made.

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