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If you love cake just as much as me,
I am in awe already

Let's chat! :)

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That's Me in queenstown


Greetings! Whatever time, place, or hour of the day you may be browsing my site. Thank you for stopping by. If you went STRAIGHT to this page then you probably missed out on some pretty important info, lemme quickly fill you in.


 -Prebooking me 2-11 months in advance don't work, cause I might move to Aussie one day or be in Italy on another day, who knows? I do spontaneous to the point where you can put through an inquiry 3-7 days before your wedding day and I'd still say yes to it if I checked that I have the availability to do it.

-I only accept bookings for Saturdays and Sundays. Fridays are really flexible depending on how busy I get with my other full-time job.

Must read before filling in inquiry form

-I am a full-on colour-loving gal therefore I don't give out Black & White photos

-Please don't ask me to give you raw unedited photos

-I loveeee posting photos on my website as a part of my portfolio and on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and content creating on Tiktok and Reels (trying to grow atm, so ya really gotta be ready to become famous hahhaha).

My worst nightmare is giving out 1000 photos to a client and only 1 photo was picked out for me to post. That is not cool.

My Basic Info

-I am single asf but take the CUTEST couple photos with my lovely Canon 5D Mark4 camera. But that don't stop me from sharing all the prompts and ideas that I DIEING to use at our photo session/video session!

-Fangirl of flowy fabric, detailed textures, wind-blown hair, cute kids, and sparkly eyes (I can't define it exactly but you'll notice it a lot in my work :))

-Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, English so I can understand cues and procedures at Chinese tea ceremonies etc 

-Based in East Auckland but can travel via driving or plane if you keen to fly me up or down the country

-Multitasking by doing photos and videos at the same time is pretty full-on. So! Correy takes care of the video side of things with his trusty Sony gear. 


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Photo from back in the days when I did photography at the same wedding. We like to put names to faces, soo.. introducing Correy!


The wedding videos of:

Poppy & Mason

Shinaed & Ricky

Roisin & Dylan (Buddy up with Joyce)

that you see on the "Weddings Page" are crafted by him.

Magical is it not? 


Weekends only. It'll either be a Saturday or a Sunday.

Not two days in a row.

You are allowed to pre-book him 2-6 months in advance because he likes to pre-plan his vacations with his wife wayyy ahead of time. So he's organised and got his life sorted out :)

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