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Jeannie & Matthew

Till this day I still remember it so clearly this backyard wedding stole my heart. It is was so elegant yet so casually chill, it was such a wonderful mix of both worlds, WHAOAH! It was such a beautiful sunny day and golden hour that day was like MWAH! *chef's kiss* stunning

My food brain is really kicking in now, they had The Big Smoke BBQ Co serving up some real delish portions of smoky goodness. And then later in the evening they had THREE DIFFERENT CAKES for dessert, OMG, I was screaming inside like a little girl seeing dolphins for the first time. Say no more cause guess what??!? They jumped into the pool in their dresses and suits! Oh how wonderfully refreshing on such a hot summer day, IT WAS CRAZY COOL, gave me a mad adrenaline rush. I wanted to jump in too lol 


Pooja & Urvik

As you can see these two could not keep their eyes off each other. These two had the heartiest hugs ever, like, whilst editing the photos I was so mezmerised that the heartiness really came through, that feeling of being right then and there is still pretty surreal to me. Pooja's not wearing a white gown like at a traditional wedding, but there are no rules in my book on how YOUR wedding should be like. You go with whatever colour dress you want and I'll be your number one hype woman. I'll be sure to roll with the flow on anything you have planned after. I also don't mind if yous use your phones to record videos, 

I actually quite like it tbh because once the newlyweds get home at night, they can scroll through their photo gallery and have a laugh at the funny moments that were recorded down .  As long as you don't put your phone IN THE AISLE and be mindful of not raising it high up in the sky, then it's algooodss.


Tim & Leena

See? Did I not tell you so? One of my favourite "holding the phone" photos is up. I find this to be a very pretty side profile. Also, if you still have not noticed a trend going on lemme tell you something that I like to do at EVERY WEDDING. I like cake. Especially when my couples CUT THE CAKE, I ABSOLUTELY LUV IT! Something about couples cutting the cake together completes my soul.


If I don't end up giving you any cake-cutting photos in your final gallery then either:

No. 1 There was no cake

No. 2 Your photog ain't Joyce

No.3 Cake was just not on your mind so yous forgot to cut it ( TBH I would have came up to remind yous that theres a cake needing to be cut though)

Chain reaction shots just hits home hard. Priceless and iconic moments where something would happen, people react with expressive facials and then I run to the other si... I have mastered the art of ninja running on sand.

Just look at the below array of photos and you'll get what I mean by "Chain reaction" YAY!!!


Sara & Mic

I am totally getting Bond vibes here with this swagger sheek (is that even a word?) black-themed wedding. Tis time to put CORREY in the spotlight, indeed, a solo gig himself. Correy is a lad that captures exactly what I believe in, what gestures, moments, expressions, and the cute little things that we do as humans. His style is CANDID LIVELINESS like mine, however, I am very awkward when it comes to doing formal, stand-still group photos, but Correy does a great job in this aspect! At events, we both like to give the adults some breathing space, and time for themselves, without having to constantly eye back and forth if there is a camera nearby. In which, we go off to photograph the adorable kids. It is SO AWESOME to capture photos/videos of kids being themselves and just yolo-ing without a worry in the world. The action-packed world of children is the best thing that could ever exist, the photographs we take are like time capsules. When you look back on these photos as a family mi gosh, that day just flashes right before your eyes again don't it?

Esnart and Innocent- maydream-auckland-wedding-photographer-nz 154.jpg

Esnart & Innocent

Classic chic. HOW ELEGANT. Such darlings these two! Might I add that the "concentrated signing the documents" gesture is ALSO something on my favourites list. It is just soooooo pretty, that level of prettiness is like on a different scale of my love for side profiles. Group photos. Unfortunately, there are bound to be photos where 1-2 people blinked, that's just what we naturally do as humans. But just to let my future brides and grooms know, I do my best to avoid it (me squinting precariously through the tiny window viewfinder taking numerous snapshots) but it's inevitable.

I don't do face replacements on photoshop. Anyways, food recounting time, yes, my food brain is activated now. THE BRIGHAM at WHENUAPAI. WEST AUCKLAND. 

O. M. G 

The steak was SO delicious I admit I dream about it often, I have NEVER seen a well-done steak cooked this perfectly before, sauce was plentiful but to the point it was just enough. I am thankful on a day-to-day basis that my couples feed me *emotional weeping emoji*

Esnart and Innocent- maydream-auckland-wedding-photographer-nz 95.jpg
Esnart and Innocent- maydream-auckland-wedding-photographer-nz 368.jpg

Karen & Neil

The most important people in your life walk you down the aisle. Friends that have been through the toughest times in life with you, are all there to witness your happiness, filled with wholesome hugs and genuine smiles all around. Sneaky quick kisses that you thought had gone unnoticed? I saw it in the corner of my eye and was in fact waiting around like a paparazzi that is wanting to get "The Shot".

They rolled up in swagger vintage cars by the beach and it really added that extra touch of boujee-ness to the day. Yeee hawww


Seriously, age is just a number! Cause my golly gosh, Karen and Neil's peeps can partayyyyy at reception! The dance floor was legit on fire, they got the sickest dance moves and the grooviest jams, I thought I could keep up with the tempo but by the end of the night I was hammered hahahhha I crashed as soon as I got home.


Val & Moses

To this day I still remember it was a very intense day of thunderstorms and non-stop rain. It was a ceremony that was meant to be held outdoors, we were really holding onto hope and praying that the terrible weather would stop soon, but it only got worst. But to me, it's like Val walked right out of a movie or a fairytale, like Cinderella nervously stepping out of her carriage to meet her prince. The sparkle in Moses eyes every time he looks at Val, oh my heart! It's like watching my favourite cutsie Christmas rom-com and being immersed in it.

I am over the moon about adorable mom and dads dancing. Perhaps it's because I don't ever get to see my own mum dance it's hard for me AND HER to let loose (but then again, my mums is not really the type to just randomly belt out a move or two in the lounge when "Britain's Got Talent" is on TV). So when I get to SEE other peoples parent's dancing, I get EXTRA excited. This would be a great time for chain reaction photos!! Unexpected dance moves that have got people gasping and cheering them on. 


Viliami & Olivah

I like to get the kids involved as much as possible when it comes to weddings! Of course, only where appropriate and suitable to have kids join in the photos, I will suggest that. It's odd, I know and some people have a "no kids allowed" rule and I totally respect that, but that is how I photograph weddings and events. I ADORE KIDS AT WEDDINGS. There I SAID IT. Please bring your kids so we can go running around the large fields and play hide and seek when the adults are having some own alone time to socialize with their guests without a camera in their faces.

The colour red really pops right out of the crowd, red is such a daring statement colour, I love that it is so full of warmth and vibrancy, complementing those rosy blush-perfected cheeks (cause your makeup artist is so on point) Which comes to one of the points I'd like to make:

-I don't ever give out black-and-white photos, hence why I never edit photos to be black-and-white. 

One thing I will remember for the rest of my life is that a dude at reception who was dancing on the front stage SUDDENLY power danced jumped down the aisle at me and challenged me to a dance-off. But I was doin my job, so kept walking backwards, photographing him flingling his arms around and shaking his shoulders like Shakira twas iconic.

VO Wedding-208.jpg

1 Photographer

《 I Adore You 》

1.5 Hours Coverage
Pre-wedding photos and Ceremony Photos 
250+ Beautifully Edited Photos in HD Resolution
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1 Photographer

《 Sweetie Pie 》

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500+ Beautifully Edited Photos in HD Resolution
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1 Photographer

《 My Forever 》

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Photos of your Pre-wedding, Ceremony, Formal group photos, Bridal party, and Reception
1000+ Beautifully Edited Photos in HD Resolution
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