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Bride and Groom twirling and swirling in the middle of the aisle. Nothing else mattered at that moment in time because this is their special day and it speaks for itself. We just got married and we are celebrating!


Romancin under the stars

Haiiilo adorable humans! You cuties deserve an adventure, it doesn't have to be grand, I don't care if it is just a late-night pizza run or a mini sesh cuddling up in a blanket in the open boot of your car watching the sunset go down. "Elope with May at a small destination wedding or an intimate elopement up on a mountain top with epic views. You want to run in the forest with your fiance for your engagement photo session? You have a planned surprise proposal? Dancing in the rain like la la land?


Literally, anything that you have in mind, message me!"

Candle lit table with the wedding rings placed on a wooden heart shaped decorative holder. Surrounded by sparkling transparent diamonds.
Bailey and Mieke Party-257.jpg
Baljeet's Anniversary Photos 57.jpg
Baljeet's Anniversary Photos 40.jpg
Baljeet's Anniversary Photos 68.jpg
Bailey and Mieke Party-257.jpg

"Twirl and Swirl with Us"

Baljeet's Anniversary Photos 98.jpg


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