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Jeannie and Matthew's Wedding

Till this day I still remember it so clearly this backyard wedding stole my heart. It is was so elegant yet so casually chill, it was such a wonderful mix of both worlds, WHAOAH! It was such a beautiful sunny day and golden hour that day was like MWAH! *chef's kiss* stunning My food brain is really kicking in now, they had The Big Smoke BBQ Co serving up some real delish portions of smoky goodness. And then later in the evening they had THREE DIFFERENT CAKES for dessert, OMG, I was screaming inside like a little girl seeing dolphins for the first time. Say no more cause guess what??!? They jumped into the pool in their dresses and suits! Oh how wonderfully refreshing on such a hot summer day, IT WAS CRAZY COOL, gave me a mad adrenaline rush. I wanted to jump in too lol

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