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Pooja and Urvik's Wedding

As you can see these two could not keep their eyes off each other. These two had the heartiest hugs ever, like, whilst editing the photos I was so mezmerised that the heartiness really came through, that feeling of being right then and there is still pretty surreal to me. Pooja's not wearing a white gown like at a traditional wedding, but there are no rules in my book on how YOUR wedding should be like. You go with whatever colour dress you want and I'll be your number one hype woman. I'll be sure to roll with the flow on anything you have planned after. I also don't mind if yous use your phones to record videos, I actually quite like it tbh because once the newlyweds get home at night, they can scroll through their photo gallery and have a laugh at the funny moments that were recorded down . As long as you don't put your phone IN THE AISLE and be mindful of not raising it high up in the sky, then it's algooodss.

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